The Powerful 3 | Presale

The Powerful 3 | Presale

The Powerful 3 | Presale

$63.00 USD

SKU: 1913004

With the launch of our product, when you buy The 3 Powerful,
For the first 100 purchases, we will give you the
Masterclass: The Beliefs of Motherhood
The beliefs that shape your reality and that of your children

Which has an investment of $57 USD

The 3 Powerful includes:
  • Daily Spark Messages
  • Power Animals and their Magic
  • The Journey of Health

Meraki purchases will be shipped starting February 15, 2022.
Access to the Masterclass will be available from February 15, 2022.
We will send you all the instructions by email.

With love,

Approximate delivery time FROM 5 TO 10 DAYS